New Products

Airdrome has recently developed two new self locking nut products, one now fully patented and the other currently patent pending.  These new proiducts profice our customers, particularly those with high vibration systems, with the following critical attributes:

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminates time-consuming safety wiring
  • Eliminates the need for torque wrenches
  • Prevents thread and sealing surface damage due to over torque
  • Friendly design with reusable locking feature
  • Provides visible, audible and physical indication for positive locking of the nut in tight areas or during field repair at night
  • Maintains positive locking of the nut and sealing torque at all times
  • Offers compatible envelope dimensions and weight comparisons to competing locking nut products
  • No interference or tight fit arrangement between the nut and the mating fitting minimizes excessive wear and tear on the part itself
  • Eliminates possibility of preloading (twisting) tube assemblies during tightening or loosening of part iself

Competitively Priced

View the Self Locking Nut Here

View the EZ Locking Nut Here


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