Test Lab

Airdrome Precision Components Testing Capabilities

Airdrome Precision Components Test Laboratory has hydromechanical test stands to perform fitting/tube assembly tests as required by various aerospace procurement general specifications, including AS 18280, AS 4444, AS 85421, AS 85720, and ISO 7169.  The capabilities of the APC test lab include:

  • Static Nitrogen Pressure Testing

  • Pneumatic Pressure Testing

  • Rotary Flexure Fatigue Testing

  • Damped Wave Impulse Testing

Static Hydraulic Pressure Test

Static Hydraulic Pressure TestAerospace specifications typically require proof pressure testing at two times operating pressure, and burst pressure testing at four times operating pressure.  Each of these tests is a static pressure that requires test samples to be pressurized for 3 to 5 minutes without leaking.  Also, burst pressure to fail tests may be performed.  This test requires increasing fluid pressure until leaking, or catastrophic failure, occurs.  APC test lab’s pressure test stand is capable of pressures up to 30,000 psi.

Pneumatic Pressure Test

To meet the requirements of current test specifications APC has a pneumatic test stand capable of testing with pressurized N2 gas up to 5,000 psi, and He2 gas up to 3,000 psi.  The requirement usually is to pressurize the fitting or tube assembly to operating pressure with nitrogen gas for three to five minutes without leaking.  To detect leaks samples are submerged in water after being connected to the test manifold.

Rotary Flexure Fatigue Test

Rotary Flexure Fatigue TestSpecifications vary in what is required for rotary flexure fatigue testing.  A test series may be conducted that requires all samples, usually six per size, to pass 107 cycles at a minimum bending stress level.  Or, the requirement may be to develop an S/N curve with six samples plus to additional samples to pass 107 cycles at a minimum bending stress.  APC test lab has five rotary flexure stations to meet either requirement.  Each station is capable of working with tube assemblies ranging in size from –02 (0.125 inch diameter tube) to size –32 (2 inch diameter tube), with an operating pressure of up to 8,000 psi, and a temperature range from ambient to 275°F.  Specifications that may be referenced for this testing are SAE ARP 1185 and ISO 7257.

Damped Wave Impulse Test

Damped Wave Impulse TestThe typical requirement for the damped wave impulse test is 200,000 pressure cycles with pressure peaks approximately 150% of the operating pressure (actual pressure peak depends on the specification and operating pressure).  The test is conducted at a rate of 65 ± 5 cycles per minute.  The APC lab impulse stand is capable of conducting tests with an operating pressure of 5,000 psi, with pressure peaks of 7,500 psi, and a temperature range from ambient to 275°F.  Specifications that may be referenced for this testing are SAE ARP 603 and ISO 6772.


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